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Vintage Dress Style Angel

Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of vintage clothing. I love this particular dress because of it’s striking bold print. It is the easiest item of clothing I’m wearing right now. It falls below the knee so all I have to think of is what footwear to pair it with. Aren’t dresses great like that! No worrying about tops and bottoms. One item bang that’s it, done! And if it gets chilly add some tights or skinny jeans as I did here and you are stylishly sorted and warm. It’s funny how trends change each season yet whatever you have, even if it’s vintage, it can slot into a trend if you want to be ‘on trend’. I don’t care about being on trend. I want to feel good. I want to feel confident. But there are a lot of floral prints this season. So hey it’s on trend. On trend or not I love it. I’m also delighted that it’s old. Its had a previous owner.

I’ll admit right now I use to be a little put off by having something that someone else had worn. I wouldn’t buy anything from a charity shop for years because I thought the clothes would be dirty. I thought oh God what did the previous owner do in their clothes? But one Halloween many years ago in search of skinny jeans to look like Pete Doherty. Skinny jeans hadn’t made it big yet but I needed a cheap pair. So I ventured into a charity shop where I found the perfect pair I needed for a few pound. Once I washed them, I was thrilled with them. They fit amazingly and I still have them to this day. This is what I’m about these days. Being more Eco in my mind about fashion, about what I”m wearing. I’ve stopped shopping in certain stores because the prices are so low they cannot be right. For a time I felt I couldn’t afford to shop in more expensive places. In reality the cheap stuff I would buy was of such poor quality I’d have to get right of it after a couple of months. Now I’m taking advice I recently heard. If you have 20 quid to spend on clothes go to a charity shop instead of Primark. Quality wins out. If I want anything big now I’m willing to save and invest in key pieces. It’s taken me years to get to this place in my head and I’m still learning a lot as I go about companies and products. I know this more sustainable journey will be worth it.

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